Japan Geopark Committee (JGC)

The Japan Geopark Committee (JGC) was established in May 2008. On January 25, 2016, the Japan National Commission for UNESCO formally certificated the Japan Geopark Committee (JGC) as the Japanese National Committee which would have the authority to conduct the application procedure for new UNESCO Global Geoparks candidates in Japan. As an original Japanese system, JGC also evaluate and designate Japanese National Geoparks. In Japan, a Geopark must be designated as a Japanese National Geopark before applying for a candidate for UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Japan Geopark Committee (JGC) conducts evaluation and designation of Geoparks in Japan in accordance with the Operational Guidelines for UNESCO Global Geoparks.

Statutes and Operational Guidelines for UNESCO Global Geoparks

August 24, 2023 Update